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Star Llama Company visits imported llamas in New Zealand
Jess, Gary & Nick at the Remarkables
Strolling down the path of life with Llamas for the past 25 years has been an adventure.  We have met many new friends (some are now old friends) and visited many cities & towns on our Llama quest. One excursion that may be hard to top was our trip to New Zealand.
The Remarkables
Our time in Christchurch, on the South Island, was spent at Llama Lookout,  with Robyn & Mike Robinson. Here perched atop the rim of an extinct volcano surrounding Lyttelton Harbour we found the ideal setting for Llamas and their keepers. 
Welcome to Llama Lookout
Llama Lookout
Lyttelton Harbour
The vistas there were beyond exceptional and as each weather perfect day unfolded we felt we were living in a postcard portrait. Robyn had traveled with Anne Thompson early in 2007 to the United States and successfully selected and imported to New Zealand several exciting new bloodlines.
Lyttelton Harbour
This was a historic first New Zealand to USA import.  Robyn was concentrating on bringing Suri Llamas to New Zealand  and had selected several from our farm. 
Gary, Anne, Robyn, Janet, Jess
Gary with Star Spangled Banner
Those Llamas are now the foundation suri seeds for Llamas in New Zealand.  We also were privileged to make the first ever presentation of Suri Llamas to some members of the New Zealand Llama Association as the recent imports were unveiled for the first time.
Gary and Star Spangled Banner
Just as no puzzle is complete without all the pieces it would be unjust to blame a perfect visit on only the weather and scenery.  The Robinsons were hosts extraordinaire handling our touristy inquires and beyond. 
Suri Llama Gathering
Checking out the new imports
Janet & Gary at glacier runoff
We were able to see several of the rarest dolphins (Hector's dolphins) in the world that live only in Lyttelton Harbour. Private tours of the bay & town area, as well as Mike sailing with our son, Nick, in the harbour are memories of the permanent type. 
The people, the place and the Llamas all fit so well in the Suri Llama lifestyle. We share the passion of raising Suri Llamas with many who have recently discovered the elegance of this special type. 
Ferne getting llama love
The Brants & The Robinsons
As you read the banner on the web site for Llama Lookout ( and Star Llama Company (, you will see our equal conclusion,  "Suri Llamas - Living Art".  Suri Llamas are indeed walking living art that we enjoy and profit from in many ways.
The Brant's, Robinson's and imports

Queensland Park
Queensland Park

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