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Chilean Contraband  Chilean Contraband Castlerock's Chilean Contraband

DOB 9-18-2007

Chilean Exotico
Rendezvous Lady
Knowing that his father was the only suri bloodline of his kind in the country and that we were looking for just that special ingredient we bought him on the spot at 2 weeks old. Both his mother and father are imported suri full Chileans and his father has no other sons on record. We loved his spots at two weeks old and were surprised by his good size and structure when we took delivery of him at 6 months of age. He has already surpassed his dam and sire for size. We had the outcross that we wanted to breed to our existing suri herd and now had to play the waiting game until he matured. He settled his first females the fall of 2009 and is gentle to work with. As a package he has many firsts for our breeding program that include adding Chilean blood as well as appy coloring. Contraband is doing a great job putting suri, multi colored babies on the ground.
Owned by Star Llama Company, MI

Invinceable Invinceable Invinceable

DOB 5-27-2009

WSL Peruvian Silver Lining
MGF Dawn's Early Light



Invinceable is correct and covered with dense black suri fiber. His silver sire from the Canadian White Star Llama breeding program was an unrelated full Peruvian brought to the U.S. to add his silver attributes. His outcross influence has had a positvie influence on our breeding program.
WSL Silver Lining bred to 1/2 Argentine dam MFG Dawn's Early Light produced this excellent llama example with exactly what we were looking for.
Invinceable has given us robust offspring of good size and leaning more to the black and white pattern.
Star Fire Proof   Star Fire Proof

DOB 6-5-2010

Castlerock's Chilean Artwork
Star Feature Presentation

An easy going proven suri type breeding male. He does come from Castlerock's Chilean Artwork, a completely unrelated appy Chilean suri male. The dam is a keurred suri that has been a great producer for our program.
This male is related to many of our breeding females and has limited use for our farm. We did produce 3 offspring from him and are keeping a very nice appy son to carry on the Chilean Artwork unique bloodline.
He is a good breeder and is ready to go to work now to create a bit of suri and appy influence for you.

Sold to W.A.R.M. B Acres, NY
Star American Excelence Star American Excelence Star American Excelence

DOB 6-11-2010

MGF San Paolo
Star American Dream
Hover over photos for additional shots of this suri sire
Excellence is from our largest female, Star American Dream. The sire, MGF San Paolo was a 2nd generation suri thru Chilean San Juan.
We wanted a large suri sire unrelated to the Kantu and Keno line and we got him when American Excelence was born. Of the many beautiful males that San Paolo gave us, Excelence, was the best for size and suri fiber type. He is doing a great job improving fiber and adding size to his offspring.
His gentle nature is a big plus, as we appreciate the calm attitude, much like his imported Peruivan grandsire, Peruvian Fabio PC-1.
Owned by Star Llama Company, MI
Star Primary Colors Star Primary Colors Star
Primary Colors

DOB 9-27-07

Peruvian Precedent

Primary Colors is a product of a foundation dam with the correct genetic pillars and a real life history of top production. The sire, Precedent, has produced an LFA top seller in Dynamica; a reserve national champ suri female in Star Spiral Heartbreaker; and a New Zealand National Champion suri male in Star Spangled Banner.

Climbing the genetic tree of the dam you can see domestic strongholds from the Patterson breeding program of Doolittle and Sitting Bull and dams such as Elka and Senta Berger. The next layer adds the mix of Lopez and a stream of Bolivian blood from the Llamawoods farm operation with notables LW Blossom, LW Kissam, and LW Shanghigh from the Jorgensens, adding ingredients. The next level was added from the Rancho Amorio full Chilean breeding operation putting on the score card Chilean Leroy Brown and Chilean Ry-an-White. The last of Pez-stique breeding strength comes through the Mill Creek Llama operation of Hoffmaster and finally to Michael and Linda Pierce from CoRect Llamas. Every step of the development of the dam of Primary Colors was top notch breedings from top operations. We are proud to carry on that breeding excellence and look forward to many stellar offspring now that we have introduced the suri factor to this true foundation female.
Awards Icon  Awards Received
Star Point Blank, his full brother, was multiple time Suri Male Grand Champion for Dave and Lillian Beck at Kent Rock Meadows in GA.
Owned by Star Llama Company, MI
Star Atlas Star Atlas Star Atlas

DOB 6-2-2008

Castlerock's Mojo

Atlas replaced his sire Castlerock's Mojo in the breeding barn. As each male cria is born he is assessed against his sire. To keep improving means to replace your sires when they produce offspring that are an improved model from the sire you have been using. This sometime takes years to match with the correct female genetics or may never happen at all.

Atlas had come from such a dam ( Abstraction ) that had produced some of our best offspring in the early years of suri type. American Idol, Amber Waves and Adonis are some of his Maternal siblings. Atlas has produced offspring that are indeed a good presentation of the heavy wool suri type and he will be breeding here until he produces that perfect new male to carry on the Mojo genetics.

Recent Atlas crias have been robust with intense colorful fiber patterns.

Sold to W.A.R.M. B Acres, NY

Star Synthesis Star Synthesis Star Synthesis

DOB 9-9-2008

HCLR Chilean
Hot Rod
MGF Seventh Heaven

Hover over right photo for additional shots of Star Synthesis


We purchased Seventh Heaven ILR# 268953, the dam of Synthesis, from Jerry McRoberts as a yearling. She was big and silver and from a line that trailed back to Vic and Lori Breeden and their outstanding collection of llamas.

She did not disappoint over the years and has produced a cria each year with no assistance. Twelve of her offspring are currently registered. Four of her offspring were purchased by ALSA judges over the years. I'll list a few for reference and also include a photo of each that were top sellers. The ILR database of course will show all of her offspring for a color/conformation cross check for sibling comparisons of consistent quality. The following examples are all maternal siblings to Star Synthesis ILR # 276548.

Star Helix, one of the first U.S. Keno suri sons sold to Deb Yeagle, an ALSA judge at the time.
Star Staccato, a stand out black and white suri, was purchased by Todd and Cheryl Frey. Cheryl was an ALSA judge and also judged several Celebrity futurities in OKC.
Star Status Symbol, was purchased by Tami Lash, also an ALSA judge at the time. She has shown Status Symbol extensively and his offspring are among high point llamas in the new ILR show system.
Star Silver Supurb, was a stunning silver female that sold to the Clausons in BC Canada, at the Estes Park, CO. sale, in the Suri Llama Association that is now disbanded.
Star Spiral Heartbreaker was purchased at the LFA by Darrell Anderson, who was also an ALSA judge. Merlene showed her to a national champion suri female at the North American Livestock show in KY that same year.
Star Special Interest is a Contraband daughter that will also stay on the farm to carry on the dam's genetics.
Star Satin Heirloom is our LFA 2012 auction entry.

The dam MGF Seventh Heaven has brought the highest sales results and is our top producing female ever in our almost 30 years of breeding llamas. Synthesis will carry on her influence at Star Llama Company through his future offspring with the addition of the suri fiber type contribution of his sire HCLR Chilean Hot Rod.

As you can see from the ILR offspring page the dam out produces regardless of the sire used. With this silver dam and her ability to create winner after winner the possibilities are very good for future top prospects produced by this select breeding of a great producing dam and the suri ingredient of Hot Rod. The unfolding of the breeding potential of this special male should produce rewards and influence crias at Star Llama Company for several years going forward.

Owned by Star Llama Company, MI
Star Strictli Business Star Strictli Business Star Strictli Business

DOB 10-11-2004

Peruvian Georgio
RAR Sage


SLA keured, Strictli Business' suri genetics are from the Kantu line. Strictli Business' has had multi colored suri offspring. His dam, Sage, has produced a strong large cria each year and is one of the top 5 best producers in our history based on sales of her offspring.

For inquires email brantgm@gmail
Peruvian Precedent Peruvian Precedent wool shot Peruvian Precedent

DOB 4-22-2002

Peruvian Keno PC1
T.J. Precious

Precedent's suri genetics are from the Keno line. Peruvian Precedent is one of the very few black and white premium proven Suri sires in the U.S. He has 41 current registered offspring. He is an easy going individual, yet a vigorous breeder. Both of his parents are registered in the Suri llama association. His sire side is 3 Suri generations deep, going back to Peruvian Maximo PC1 who was the Peruvian Suri black national champion while still in Peru. Suri offspring from Precedent are 4th generation in genotype and phenotype. The dam side is full Bolivian, going back to L.W. Blossom & the country pure Bolivian bloodlines from the Iris Christ Llamawoods Bolivian operation. He has produced several champion show offspring, including Star Point Blank ( and Star Premium Plus, LFA Suri juvenile male futurity champion. We are keeping Precedent’s son, Star Primary Colors, as his replacement as well a full sister Star Prime Property. One of his best Suri offspring, Star Spangled Banner, was exported to New Zealand ( and will be a foundation Suri sire in New Zealand & Australia. He is Keurred & SLA registered. A beautiful suri female Precedent daughter Star Dynamica was the high selling female at the 2009 LFA auction held in Cedar Rapids IA.
Awards Icon Awards Received
Notable offspring include Star Point Blank owned by Kent Rock Meadows (Multiple suri Grand Champion) - Star Spiral Heartbreaker owned by Solid Rock Llamas (Reserve suri female champion at the North American/08) and Star Spangled Banner chosen New Zealands' Champion Suri male at the 2008 NZ national stock show in Christchurch NZ. Spiral Heartbreaker was named Grand Champion suri female in both the ILR and the ALSA judging criteria at the well attended Llamafest held in Lansing Mi on 9-26/27-2009.
click on Precedent image to view offspring
Sold to Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch, OR
MGF San Paolo MGF San Paolo wool MGF San Paolo

DOB 4-4-2006

Chilean San Juan
MGF May Ling

SLA keured, San Paolo's suri genetics are from the Chilean San Juan line. His first crias hit the ground in the spring of 2009. His 1st sheared fleece took 2nd place at the 2008 Suri Llama Association conference held in Indianapolis, IN.
Click on San Paolo image to view offspring
Sold to Sapaveco Ranches, TX
phone: 734-587-2171